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Showing posts with label Album Reviews. Show all posts. On their record, Weight of The WorldWestern Centuries explore all of the harmonic territories, which is refreshing.

Trigger Random Notes 70 Comments. And I want to love everybody. Troy October 27, am.

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The fire's still warm. Is that you, Hermit Bob? We kinda can see you.

Me and the grandson of Hank Williams are sitting in some honky-tonk dive in downtown Nashville, listening to some mediocre band churn through some weepy old set of country-music standards. The grandson of Hank Williams bears the Christian name Shelton Hank Williams, but he is better known around these parts as Hank-3, so that's why I call him that. Me and everyone else in this bar. Who have all recognized him on sight.

Play Episode. Hello friends I got some comedy dates coming up June 7th I'm going to be in Chicago it's almost sold out I'm at the UIC Arena not very many tickets left then June 28th I'm at the Borgata in Atlantic City first show sold out there's some tickets available for the p. Apes that call them this is the giant champ this these knit they nest on the ground to like gorillas are they as violent as they live in large communities like chimps the locals have two names for chimps there they have one that they're called Tri beaters those the regular size Champs and the other ones that called lion Killers damn they're so big they've got videos of these things eating a leopard what yeah they don't know if it yeah there are enormous Champs so they don't know if it killed the leopard or if the leopard died and then they're eating it they don't know but they do no one was eating a fucking leopard.

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After 12 years of touring with his band and recording 8 albums Bob Wayne is grabbing his guitar and going solo for one year. Her lyrics are secrets to strangers, writing about her Drawing inspiration from the Texas cultu

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Thanks Scotty!! Is that why you made this cause you knew that this video would get a lot of views off this topic? I'm glad to see you back!

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When Joan Baez shared a bill with the Indigo Girls about 20 years ago, a young fan approached, asking for an autograph — for his grandmother. Today, in the airy kitchen of her home near Palo Alto, California, with its view of the Santa Cruz Mountains and a painting of a nude woman above the fireplace, Baez winces at the memory. Baez, 76, loves to play against her image as the serene, hyperserious matriarch of folk music.

It was more than a bit of branding by the band known for "Highway to Hell," "Hell's Bells" and other devilish rock tunes. As a sea of little red horns lit up the crowd Friday night, the crowd of pretend demons made a united front of music fanatics about to rock. We salute you.


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