Sindel mortal kombat annihilation

sindel mortal kombat annihilation
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Fearing that Kitana's soul would become corrupted by Kahn's influence, Sindel killed herself by taking a potion, sending her soul into her daughter's as a way of protecting her from Shao Kahn. Once Shao Kahn seized total control over Edenia, he forced Sindel to be his wife and queen and took Kitana as his daughter. Sindel was one of the few villainous characters to become heroic in the series. This ranges from sonic blasts to a fierce sound wave that can outright blast an opponent's skin clean off. During the invasion of Edenia by Outworld , she appears in flashbacks in the fourth episode, holding her infant daughter Kitana as they are being guarded by two Edenian knights when they are slaughtered by a Tarkatan.

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Another of her mystical powers is her prehensile hair which can be used as both a throw and a finisher in Mortal Kombat 3 , where it would grow to extremely long lengths and be able to wrap itself around the opponent.

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Musetta Vander: Sindel

The strength and its properties seem to differ on the focus. She has a natural affinity with aerial magic, as evidenced by her ability to levitate and manipulate sonic waves. Sindel appeared in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation , retaining her role as Shao Kahn's wife and queen from the games. Despite her menacing appearance, in the original timeline Sindel is kind and benevolent in nature. Sindel is initially dominant in the duel but Kitana manages to gain the upper hand and defeats her mother. According to legend, she is first believed to be the key to closing Kahn's portals to Earth, although her daughter, Kitana, is later believed to be the key.

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