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sexting snap users
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Paleolithic cave paintings depicting human sex acts are some of the first known examples of erotic imagery, but only when the mass adoption of smartphones happened in the late s did the sexting game really heat up. Your Snapchat sext would evaporate into the ether, and if your relationships met the same fate, your trail of naked selfies would be of little concern to you. But this time, his assertion would lead to the creation of an app that would change the nature of photo messaging and — crucially — sexting, forever. That risk is augmented by the fact that almost a quarter of Snapchat users are still in high school. Photos, once sent, were permanently outside the sender's control and impossible to delete.

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sexting snap users

Despite its reputation, Snapchat was not — and never set out to be — a sexting app.

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For millennials, Snapchat is almost entirely synonymous with sexting. Snapchat's launch has taken sexting — the consensual act of sharing intimate photos — from a stigmatised and seedy activity, to a mainstream and widely-accepted practice. Sex and relationships YouTuber Hannah Witton believes Snapchat's perceived "low risk factor" gives people the courage to experiment with sexting on the condition you have "a mutual agreement not to screenshot. The use of third-party apps to retrieve Snaps that have disappeared also carries a massive risk. When Stanford University student Reggie Brown told his classmate in that he wanted photos he'd sent to a girl to disappear, he uttered aloud a thought that had crossed the minds of countless others.

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