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The man in charge of the security room turns out to be Wild Hunt's sub-commander and when Oriha manages to avoid him, he announces that the plan is in its final stage. Views Read Edit View history. Chikage and Mikoto realize each other's identity and when Chikage tells her reasons to kill alongside her master, Mikoto suspects she's being manipulated. Fujino the rescued hostage , but Mochizuki General Hospital Hospital's staff frustrate his attempts. Yuuko and Miki explain that 9 years ago they investigated a facility belonging to Itaru Togo, a member of the original team that researched the D99 virus, only to find everyone there including Togo dead, killed by a test subject. The drugged man escapes, but in his phone there's a ransom demand from Oomichi, who has taken another student hostage. Black Label is sent to kill the corrupt businessman Hideo Aranami and its newest member, Arashi Mikami is the intended executioner.

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Detective Tatara tries to interrogate Mrs.

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Triage X Uncensored Episode 1

The terrorists, led by a man in a wolf mask, cut the electricity, lock the audience in a room and take the idol hostages, but Oriha and the Mikazukis avoid being captured since Haron had to use the ladies room. When Mikoto tries to intervene, Masamune convinces her to let Arashi try, since they have survived the same illness. Mikoto starts to develop feelings towards Arashi, but is unsure on how to act on them. The man in the wolf mask, who calls himself Wild Hunt, tells on live TV that they're here indirectly to take revenge on Black Label, and executes an idol in front of everyone. Masamune tells how he used to be the doctor of a mercenary group and in one of their missions they came across a village with access to an unknown virus, named D99 virus and its vaccine. Miki Tsurugi and nurse Sayo Hitsugi.

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